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We are Vital20

Health Food Supplements

We are here to help you Feel 20 Again! Day by day and step by step our products help you to feel young, strong, active, full of life and beautiful.

At Vital20 we are fascinated by nature and the direct influence of nutrition and lifestyle on on our vitality. We see that staying vital whilst getting older is possible. And natural polyphenols contribute significantly to our vitality. That’s why we strive to make those essential polyphenols available to you.

Vital20 helps: “Feel 20 Again in Health, Sport, and Beauty, fully natural and always science based.”

Vital20 B.V. is founded on August 28th 2012 by Ben Nordemann.


The Vital20 Team

Ben Nordemann – Founder / Director
Tjerk Rintjema –
Marketing Manager
Roy Heemskerk –
Sales Representative 

Meet the owner

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