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How do you stay Healthy, Fit & Energetic?

Vital20 helps you to feel Healthy, Fit & Energetic again!

Our food and lifestyle have a direct impact on our health and vitality. To maintain vital and optimal condition, it is important that we get the right nutrients. Unfortunately, because of the processed foods and our busy lifestyle, we miss a lot of essential nutrients. That is where we know that supplements can help repair today’s shortcomings.

What you eat: Supplementing shortages

We believe that natural polyphenols contribute significantly to our vitality. We strive to bring these essential polyphenols into our diet. 100% natural, science-based health supplements.

  • Polyphine Heart
  • Polyphine Joints
  • Krill Omega-3
  • Curcumin (Turmeric)

Vital20 is a distributor of polyphine grape and olive extracts.

What you drink: revitalization of our water

Our body consists 65% -75% out of water. Most of the water is in our blood, the rest of the water is needed for our organs, including your brain, lungs, heart, muscles / cells, your liver and the bones. Drinking water is like gasoline for the car. Water is our fuel. If our body were to dry out by 2-3%, it could cause us to lose up to 25% of our energy!

Vital20 is a distributor of VortexPower water revitalizer


What we know: sharing knowledge in our blog

In addition, we believe it is important to provide honest information about vitality (cholesterol, flavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids), so that you can make an informed choice to improve your vitality. Read our blogs for more information about vitality.


Measuring is knowing

  • Cholesterol: Good or not? Do you want to know Cholesterol? See our table with recommended values ​​and measure your cholesterol with our cholesterol meter.
  • Glucose: Do you want to know your blood level? Take a look at our products.
    Hemoglobin: Why is your Hb level of importance and what is it for? In the following article the Hemoglobin is explained in detail.
  • Omega-3 Index: Nowadays an indispensable source for our body, but where can we get this source?


    Prevent Anemia

    The Hb or Hemoglobin is a protein molecule which can be found in red blood cells see. Like Cholesterol, you can measure your Hemoglobin values (Hb level), where too low a value can lead to anemia and too high a value can lead to Polycythemia. Therefore, measure your hemoglobin regularly with the Mission Plus Hemoglobin meter. Or purchase this meter in practice.

    Hemoglobine Meter

    + Measure Hemoglobin content           (Iron content) + Measure                   Hematocrit value.

    + Has a Measuring range 5-25.6 g /     dL                                                 + Measure Hematocrit value.

    + Precision; Total CV ≤ 3%; within       CV ≤ 3%
    + 1000 measurements on the               device and read on the PC.
    + Accuracy;
       -For HB 5-10 g / dL: ± 0.4 g / dL
       -For HB 10-25.6 g / dL: ± 4% +
    + Lower costs compared to a lab     survey


    Prevent cardiovascular disease

    Cholesterol has a big influence on your body and is necessary for its functioning. Too high cholesterol levels cause cardiovascular disease. That is why it is important to regularly measure cholesterol. Easy and fast with the Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol meter. Or purchase this meter for practice. For more information please visit our site.


    Cholesterol Meter

    + Measure all your cholesterol         levels (LDL, HDL, Cholesterol         Ratio, Total Cholesterol and             Triglycerides)

    + Lower costs compared to a lab     survey
    + Need a drop of blood
    + Results within a few minutes
    + Accurate results, such as in the       Lab
    + Click here for more information         about cholesterol or see the             special page about high                   cholesterol


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