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Good for Cartilage, Muscles and Bone formation

Good for JOINTS

Good for JOINTS with Magnesium, Manganese and enriched with natural Vitamin C, D3 and K2 for optimal performance. Contains Polyphine JOINTS, OPC and Hydroxytyrosol polyphenols from grape seeds and olives harvested in France. Contains Glucosamine, MSM and Molybdenum.

Why should I take Good for JOINTS?

Polyphine HEART keeps the arteries clean, supple, and elastic

Good for bones

Supports normal collagen formation for normal functioning of the cartilage2 and bones2

Polyphine JOINTS Good for the formation of cartilage in the joints

More cartilage

Good for the formation of cartilage in the joints3

Polyphine JOINTS Supports the formation of cells and tissue

More tissue

Supports the formation of cells and tissue1,4

Polyphine JOINTS Good for the muscles

Good for muscles

Good for the muscles1

1 Magnesiumoxide (from Atlantic seawater) 2 Vitamin C (from Rosehip extract)  3 Manganese 4 Vitamin D3 (from Lichen extract)

Experiences of Health Professionals

“My treatments to alleviate symptoms or cure disseases of various clients get a boost when using Good for JOINTS.”

Drs. Ben Mikx

Msc Energy & Information Medicine Therapist, Mental Coach, Biontologist

“Thanks to Good for JOINTS my clients get more energy and start wanting to do more.”

Marianne Agterdenbos

Biophoton Therapist

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