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Energy Booster


Natural energy boost with Vitamin C, B2,5,6,7, Iron, Maca, Mate, Guarana, Chlorella, and Ginkgo Biloba

✅ Extra energy when you’re tired
✅ Good for learning capabilities and concentration
✅ Normal oxygen transport
✅ Energy-yielding metabolism
✅ Contains caffeine (25,2 mg)

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Energy Booster – Your Natural Energy Boost

with Vitamin C, B2,5,6,7, Iron, Maca, Mate, Guarana, Chlorella, and Ginkgo Biloba

Nowadays we are super busy. We always have to go on. We must keep going, get this done, that done and move on. .And what do you know.?… it’s the end of the day already. According to a poll 50% of the people are stressed and feel tired.  We have too litlle energy.and suffesr a continuous feeling of fatigue, tiredness, discomfort. It’s extremely important that you support body and mind by eating right and healthy. Making sure you get all the right nutrients. Because if you don’t you’ll end up in a downward spiral.

That’s why our scientific team developed the Vital20 Energy Booster. All unique energy boosting nutrients  that provide a threefold effect:

  • Supply your body with essential nutrients to give energy
  • A stimulating effect on the body and protecting it against damaged cells
  • Provide more energy and performance in general.

Energy Booster helps with:

✅ Extra energy when you’re tired
✅ Good for learning capabilities and concentration
✅ Boost normal oxygen transport
✅ Boost your Energy-yielding metabolism
✅ Contains caffeine (25,2 mg)

Each Energy Booster capsule (528mg) contains:

High-quality essential, invigorating and protective ingredients: Vitamin B2, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Iron, Biotin, Chlorella vulgaris, L-carnitine, Mate, Maca, Guarana, Green Tea, Ginko Biloba, Blueberry, Chili (Capsaicine), Cocoa, Nettle, and Aronia berries (Vitamin C). All packed in a vegetarian capsule.

Why these ingredients?

The best way to support the body is in two ways:

  1. by giving it the opportunity to relax regularly and taking short rest breaks in everyday life
  2. feeding it the nutrients it needs.

For example, the B vitamins and iron help with this. In addition, there are various natural substances that stimulate and invigorate the body. They support the body in stressful situations and provide new energy for everyday tasks. it is also possible to use substances from nature that protect your body. Also known as antioxidants or radical scavengers. They inactivate reactive oxygen particles and thus protect against oxidative damage, for which other cells are more susceptible in stressful everyday life.

One daily dosage (2 capsules) provides you:

16 mg NE – Niacin – (100% RI)
3,1 mg – Vitamine B5 – (52,1% RI)
1,4 mg – Vitamine B6 – (100% RI)
1,4 mg – Vitamine B2 – (100% RI)
25,2 mg – Caffeine
68,7 mg – L-Carnitine
17,5 mg – Anthocyanins
40 mg – Vitamine C – (50% RI)
6,9 mg – Iron – (49,3% RI)
0,05 mg – Capsaicin
25 mg – Biotin – (50% RI)

Recommended use:

We recommend using 2 capsules a day. Please stick to the recommended use. Not suitable for kids and pregnant women.


Contains no allergens

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