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Mission 3-in-1 Blood Transfer Capillaries Transfer tubes 35µl (x50) NEW

14.95 10.95

  • 50 Capillary Transfer tubes 35µl
  • You use the capillaries to transfer blood to the teststrip
  • This package includes 50 capillaries
  • IMPORTANT; let the capillary tube fill itself to the black line.

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Glas Capillaries (x50) for Mission 3in1 Cholesterol Meter – NEW

These special glass blood intake tubes (35 ul) are intended for the Cholesterol Meter 3-in-1. These capillaries ensure that there is always exactly the right amount of blood for the meter to make an accurate measurement. After you have obtained a blood sample with the disposable lancet, use the capillary to absorb the blood.

Fill the capillary with blood to the black fill line.
Vul het capillair met bloed tot aan het zwarte vullijntjeIt is essential that you fill the capillary with blood to the black fill line.It might take a while to get comfortable with the meter and how to prick a drop of blood. It is important that you have a nice rounded drop of blood. Its best to wipe of the first drop of blood with a paper, and use the next drop. Then, hold the capillary tube with the open side facing up, gently touching the blood drop.

Caution: Do not press the capillary tube, as it fills by itself. If you do not get enough blood into the capillary the first time. Then start again. Put the partly filled capillary down. Create a new drop of blood. Then hold the capillary slightly tilted down and with the opening upwards and touch the droplet until you have collected enough blood.

Tip: Wipe your finger dry / clean (with tissue paper) before making a new droplet. The droplet should be nice and round and should not flow!

IMPORTANT: If there is not enough blood on the test strip, the meter will display an error code or show different values. All error codes are explained in the manual.


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