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Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol Meter (excl test strips)

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Includes Mission 3in1 meter.
Important: You need teststrips for Mission 3 in 1 to perform a test

  • Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol Meter
  • AA batteries
  • Carrying pouch

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Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol Meter Easy to use

It’s lightweight, meaning you can measure your cholesterol anywhere!

With this cholesterol meter you can easily monitor your cholesterol levels at home or when travelling. The meter is battery operated and is suitable for both professional and home use. The meter not only measures the total cholesterol but also the HDL, the LDL and the triglycerides (fat cells in the blood). The meter then calculates your cholesterol ratio, the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL. This all in a matter of minutes from just a few of drops of blood.

Click here for more information about cholesterol or see the special page about high cholesterol?

Meter Pack contains: 

  • Mission 3-in-1 Cholesterol meter
  • 2 x Control devices
  • User Manual (English)
  • Carrying Case
  • Batteries (4 x AA)


Specifications Mission 3 in 1 Cholesterol Meter

Measures and calculates:

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Calculated LDL
  • Cholesterol ratio: total cholesterol versus HDL

How to use the cholesterol meter

It might take a little while to get comfortable with the meter and how to prick a drop of blood. On the cholesterol home testing page you will find Instructions for use with a detailed explanation and also a video. If you need further help you can contact us and we gladly walk you through.



I would like to let your know that I am very satisfied with this meter. I have been using the meter now for 2 months. The first two times, in consultation with my doctor, I compared the measurements of my home test (made on the same day) with the results from the doctor/laboratory. I was pleasantly surprised (my doctor too) about the results. The results were the same. I can now confidently measure my cholesterol at home and I don’t need to go to the hospital for that.
Hans Posted op 12-12-13


Professional meter and highly accurate measurement also at home. I am very happy with the test results as they correspond exactly to those from the lab via the GP. So I can confidently use this meter to monitor my cholesterol. Very glad I found this meter, saves me lots of time!
Eline Posted on 09-07-13



Cholesterolmeter in comparison with professional lab equipmentLinear regressionR2r




** Clinical studies show that the measured values correspond very well with laboratory tests. The meter and strips can be used by both consumers (test with blood from the fingertip) and professionals (testing in veins blood, serum and / or plasma – with or without anti-coagulants).


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