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VortexPower Spring Water Revitalizer

548.67 434.00

The practical VortexPower tap attachment is capable of revitalizing conventional tap water based on the vortex technology. The VortexPower Spring turns normal tab water into vital and oxygen rich drinking water – just as nature does in a powerful, turbulent mountain stream.

The fact that the Spring contributes to a positive change of your tap water has been demonstrated in a scientific research project by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov.

The practical and efficient Water Vortex has been developed by VortexPower and can easily be screwed onto most water taps.

For its combination of sustainability and design, the VortexPower Spring was awarded the coveted “Red Dot design award” in 2012.

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What happens inside the VortexPower Spring?

The VortexPower Spring® uses the amazing swivel energy known from many natural phenomena like hurricanes or water whirlpools. The rotating swivels inside the Spring draws motion energy from the water standing under pressure in the tube. The higher the water pressure, the more effective the Spring can work. That’s why you should always open the tap/faucet to the maximum. VortexPower Spring patented vortex chamber is shaped only by Bessel-functions – some of them are known as sombrero-functions. They provide only organic shapes consequently avoiding any straight lines, plain areas or other euklidic solids like cylinders, cones etc. That guarantees a completely natural flowing of the water efficiently suppressing turbulent flow or cavitation with their known negative effects on the physics of water.

The VortexPower Spring contains two organically shaped vortex chambers and two special injection and spray devices to dissolve a large amount of air in the water. The first main vortex chamber is being filled in a tangential way by three inlet nozzles that are shaped like vortex funnels similar to the ones forming naturally in your kitchen sink or bath tub when letting out the water. That guarantees the water running at high speed and in a whirling way already from the beginning. The three water jets from these injection nozzles enter the vortex chamber at the outward edge accelerating the water inside to a spinning movement of complex geometry.

Due to the fact that the water cannot easily flow out through the central hole in the bottom of the vortex chamber, several antagonistic vortices are being formed in a concentric arrangement. They are running upwards and downwards turning clockwise and anticlockwise at the same time creating in between each other a large amount of much smaller secondary vortices which can be called micro-vortices or nano-vortices. It is them which are responsible for grinding the quasicristalline water structure – clusters consisting of hundreds of H2O-molecules – down to a much smaller size like they normally exist only in hot water. That leads to a much higher flow ability and an increased solving capacity of the water even at low temperatures.

The VortexPower Spring is using Viktor Schauberger’s “implosion energy” to optimize the water quality but it is based on a completely different vortex geometry resulting in a unique water quality. The Spring is constructed in such a sophisticated way that despite the water being constantly pressed into the vortex chamber the resulting suction power of the high speed vortices draws air into the water. A constant stream of air is being sucked through the circle of small holes at the lower edge of the Spring around the outlet hole. The air is carried on to a small tube ending inside the vortex chamber right in the centre of the main vortex. That leads to a large amount of oxygen being dissolved in the water making it feel and taste like water from a creek high up in the mountains.

There is always a certain amount of the water in the main vortex chamber that remains in one of the spinning vortices, whereas the other part flows out into a secondary vortex chamber using the high speed of the water to form another vortex. This vortex has the shape of a torus – looking like an apple or a donut. This toroidal vortex is designed to slow down the vigorously flowing water by means of an antagonistic stream of water. This clever way of using water itself to slow down the water harnesses the moving energy of the tap water to a maximum and avoids turbulent flow to prevent damage to the water structure.


In the end a cycle of holes at the bottom of the secondary vortex chamber forms several water jets flowing against two fine mesh wires. There the water is sprayed into millions of small droplets forcing it to take up even more oxygene from the stream of air that is constantly moving through the Spring. The merging of water and air forms a coherent stream leaving the Spring at the lower end, still rotating and meandering in a natural way like a river. The VortexPower Spring condenses the natural process of energizing water in a creek that usually requires kilometres and hours to the size of an aerator and to a blink of an eye. Nevertheless the result is living water of high solving capacity, free from negative information, rich in oxygen.

In other words: You get natural water of best quality any time you want in any amount just from your tap or faucet.

The VortexPower Spring is a water revitaliser that you can easily install directly to any faucet. It has biophysical action for drinking water purification. The water is revitalized and supplied with additional oxygen through natural water recuperation by means of vortex formation. A highly efficient turbulence chamber is located in the compact and shapely attachment, which can be screwed onto any water tap. In this process, the water is moved at a very high rate and thus attains a high solubility and flow-ability. Water clusters (crystal-like compounds of many H2O molecules) are squeezed in the vortex, the inner surface of the water is enlarged resulting in water that is better supplied by natural minerals.

Alexander Class, Developer VortexPower


Product Specifications

Easy to install
7-year warranty
Height: 38 mm
Diameter: 31 mm
Weight: approx. 90 g
Connection thread Spring: M22x1 mm inside
Connection thread with adapter: M24x1 mm outside

It moves water naturally at high speed
Biophysical product
It improves water flow and solubility
Material: highest quality nickel free Stainless steel with food approval
Operating pressure minimum: 2.5 bar, maximum: 6 bar
Maximum water temperature: 95 ° Celsius
Flow rate: approx. 3 – 7 liters per minute


The advantages of Vortex water at a glance

The water tastes softer and more digestible. This makes you drink more automatically. In addition, the minerals contained in the water are absorbed more easily by the body.

Are you sick and tires of lugging PET water bottles all the time?
When purchasing a VortexPower Spring® you support a healthy, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and tasty – the VortexPower drinking water system will give you a lot of pleasure!

Recent research shows that the vortexing and the resulting revitalization of the water can lead to undesirable information such as e.g. of hormones and heavy metals.

Significantly lower and less visible deposits of lime on the dishes and in pans, in which water was boiled. Household appliances such as the iron into which you pour water are better protected against calcium.

The vortexing of water can help to render germs harmless to the human body.

The structure of the water is changed in the natural way (hexagonal) by the vortexing. The water can be absorbed much better by our cells. All the nutrients and minerals present in the body are better bound and transported. Due to the more severe elimination of slag substances, the body has more energy available. This results in a higher vitality and performance of body and mind.

Pure water is the most effective source of energy in the world. The whirling of the water increases the water’s ability to flow and dissolves, thus supporting the body in all metabolic processes.

The VortexPower Spring® can be easily attached to the tap without effort. If the thread of the VortexPower Spring does not match the thread of your water tap, please contact us or one of our partners.

In order to achieve optimum water quality, the VortexPower Spring® must be cleaned every 4-8 weeks. Use the cleaning agent VortexPower Splendid, which was specially developed for the steel of the VortexPower Spring. The composition of the ingredients ensures a quick decalcification.

Please note: As of the purchase date of the VortexPower Spring®, you have a 21-day return guarantee as well as a 7-year warranty on perfect function. VortexPower may provide any warranty claims for the product by way of free repair, equivalent replacement or refund of the purchase price. Further claims are excluded. The warranty does not cover any special wear and tear due to improper handling or cleaning, as well as the consequences of improper assembly or damage by the purchaser or third parties as well as defects due to external circumstances.


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