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Wat is Curcumine?

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It is an herb or spice that comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. This plant has strong similarities with the ginger plant. It thrives best in a subtropical and humid climate and is mainly grown in Southwest India.

Curcuma has many names. In Dutch it is usually called Yellowroot or Turmeric and in the past also called Koenier. Turmeric is the English name and in India it is called Koenjit.

The herb has an extensive and widespread use as a strong aromatic spice in the kitchen. It is an ingredient of curry powder (curry) and gives it the specific yellow color. It is also used as a dye to give other food products a yellow color.

Curcuma poeder

In addition, it has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine. That use has spread over the rest of the world and today Curcuma is probably the most used herb for health applications.

At the same time, research is being conducted on the effects on our health on a large scale. The active substances in Curcuma are the so-called curcuminoids. The most important of these is curcumin. The others are demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. A curcuma extract consists of at least 80% curcumin.

Its effect on your health.

From frequent research and long experience of experience, Curcumin appears to be one of the most powerful substances for the support of the liver, immune system and digestion. It is also widely used to keep the joints supple.

A commonly used combination is Curcumin together with CBD oil and astaxanthin.

New, much better absorbable curcumin extracts

The problem with the use of Turmeric in the kitchen or Curcumin capsules (‘Turmeric’ or in English ‘Turmeric’) is the poor absorption of the pure curcumin and its inactivation by the liver. With standard Curcuma extracts, the active curcuminoids are poorly absorbed in the intestines and they are partially inactivated by the liver.

In recent years, special extracts have been developed that are well absorbed and that provide a higher blood level of active curcumin. From these, we have selected the best

BCM-95® extract

BCM-95The high-quality and patented BCM-95® extract is a 100% organic curcumin with an exceptionally high bioavailability. Due to the unique combination of the different natural curcuminoids and the essential oils the absorption is greatly increased.

The BCM-95® curcuma roots are produced organically under optimal growing conditions and without the use of pesticides. The essential oils (Turmerones) from the Kurkami root help absorb Curcumin in the intestines and ensure that it is less likely to be excreted after ingestion. As a result, Curcumin stays longer in the body and can offer better protection for healthy cells and tissues. The BCM-95® bio curcumin is absorbed 7-9 times faster and better and lasts for up to 10 hours in the body

What about Black pepper?

Turmeric with black pepper (piperine) was one of the first attempts to promote the uptake of curcumin. But the improvement is only slightly better than a standard curcumin supplement. In addition, black pepper influences the metabolism in the liver A serious warning applies especially when swallowing medicines. Piperine not only increases the absorption of curcumin but also that of pharmaceutical substances and can therefore influence the effect of medication.

5 Reasons to choose for Vital20 Curcumine Boost:

Vital20 Curcumine Boost contains, in addition to the highly absorbable BCM-95 bio curcumin, also milk thistle that supports the liver.

  • Highly absorbable and long-term working
  • BCM-95 organic curcumin
  • Full curcuminoid complex
  • With essential oils
  • Milk thistle good for the liver

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